Dallas hair extensions

First date hair is a pretty big deal since it’s a huge accessory that can either compliment or bring down your look. We all know the importance of first impressions, so it’s crucial to make an effort to put your best foot forward. After all, you could be meeting the man of your dreams!In my opinion, wearing your hair down with some sort of wave or curl is best. There’s nothing more flirtatious about a woman than having gorgeous hair and the way it moves. (Even if it’s just round brushed so the ends have a slight bend.)Stick straight hair has been done, and there just isn’t much to it other than it being stick straight. Having polished curls or waves sets you apart from the rest and gives you individuality.On the same note, over styling your hair can also set you off on the wrong footing. You don’t want to have your hair so teased and perfect that it sends off vibes of being high maintenance and rigid.We all love big hair and all, but let’s keep that tamed on your first date. After all, remember Snooki is most often used as a punch line, not a term of endearment.Check out the pictures of what I think is great hair for a first date. To keep the stress out of it, call your stylist and book a blow out so you can get the best look for the night.