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Looking for fall hair color trend inspiration? I can’t speak for you, but I am ready for this “icy blonde” season of hair to be done with! It takes too much of everything, money, time, and let’s be honest: the health of our beautiful hair. Not to mention, not all of us are meant to rock out cooler hair tones. Needless to say, I am beyond excited to bring back rich, beautiful hair colors that radiate with warm tones!!!

As a Dallas hair stylist working behind the chair, what I am seeing and hearing from clients this fall are hair colors with richness and warmth. Fall hair color trends are following the Autumn colors that we are waiting to see in Texas: rich chocolate browns, chestnut tones, auburn all day and some delicious honey blondes!!!!

YAAAAS!!! There are many ways to bring these colors alive.

You can do a beautiful rich solid color, the beauty about this is you just come in to touch up your roots as needed, which usually happens every 6-8 weeks. Usually, we will refresh your ends every 3-4 months to keep your hair looking perfect!

Want to add a little contrast, we can do that with a partial balayage service. Your first visit will be the longest and more costly of the hair sessions to make this hot hair trend happen. After that, this look is easy to maintain since we will just be up keeping your base color.

Now if you want to get extreme with your fall colors you can do that by rocking a darker base and honey blonde ends.

The beauty about all of these techniques is that you can play with all kinds of tones!! Again I can’t wait to play with some warm tones again, so let me say again… BRING ON THE WARMTH!

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