In Dallas, there is no shortage of blondes and we want to share the love during our Dallas Blonde Summer Special!  If you are looking to brighten up your look, or even just maintaining your blonde, we got you girl!  Book a blonding service in July and receive a complimentary Purple Masque that maintains a brass free blonde and add beautiful moisture and shine.

*Select stylists only




What is Artego Color Shine Masque?

The Artego Color Shine Masque is a three minute treatment that helps correct unwanted brassy tones in blonde hair. This mask also adds brilliant shine to the hair and cancels out any unwanted yellow or golden tones.




Who should use this product?

This treatment works best for anyone who is looking to enhance there hair to the desired tone their trying to reach. The blueberry color mask works best with light blondes trying to prevent yellowish and golden tones. There are several other color shine masks colors specifically made for different hair colors to enhance desirable tones. The color mask is easy to use and helps hide grey hair.


The color mask is recommended to use once a week to prevent your hair from turning brassy.  Or, if you prefer an icy blonde color, you can use the masque every time you condition your hair.



The deep conditioning treatment is a three minute process. First, shampoo, then squeeze out excess water from hair. Apply the color mask like regular conditioner or in specific areas that need extra toning.

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