A consultation is one of the most important steps to have the best wedding hair in Dallas on your special day.  If you’re wondering why a consultation is necessary, here is a simple look into why I almost always require brides to visit the salon before the day we do her wedding style.


Talk about Ideas


Part of being a hair styling specialist is knowing when to do exactly what’s asked of me, and helping guide a bride into the best style for her special day.  In a free consultation, I like to talk with a bride about her dress, her overall look that she’s wanting, and we can discuss ideas and looks that best suit the vibe.


Plan of action


Sometimes it’s best to do a trial style before the actual day, especially if you are indecisive about what you are wanting.  In a trial run, we can do a mock style and make changes or try different looks so you can feel confident about the look on your wedding day.


Also, if you are needing on-site hair styling for your special event we can gather all of the necessary information such as address, number of people, etc.


Price | Dallas Wedding Hair Consultation


30 minute consultations are free!