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The Best Deep Conditioners in Dallas

The Best Deep Conditioners in Dallas

Deep Conditioners are in-salon services, or even take-home products that you can do on your own.  My clients love deep conditioners in Dallas around the end of summer after plenty of sun exposure, and even in winter when the cold windy weather tends to drain natural moisture.  Here is why I love deep conditioners in Dallas, and a few of my favorite products. 


How they work


Deep conditioners are a great way to add moisture, or protein depending on what your hair needs.  If you are experiencing dry hair from over-processing with color, a protein deep conditioner can help add strength and shine to your brittle hair.  For someone who has dry hair, there are deep conditioners that add plenty of moisture that adds a silky finish with plenty of shine.  When applied on damp hair, generally with the aid of some heat, deep conditioners are a great tool to help your strands.


Favorite Products

Creme De Coco Tropical Masque

Bumble and Bumble Crème De Coco Tropical Masque


  • An indulgent masque with a trio of tropical butters which bestows intensive moisture, softness, silkiness and gloss.
  • Who: Ideal for dry or dull hair, but good for all types (except super-fine); especially coconut lovers and island hoppers; color compatible.When: Once a week (or as often as you like); following Creme de Coco Shampoo.


Bumble and Bumble Quenching Masque

Bumble Quenching Masque

  • Used weekly, this profound hydrator restores natural moisture barrier for supple softness, strength and sublime detangling.
  • Who: The terribly thirsty (from chronic dryness or repeated heat styling and brush strokes).When: Once a week, followed by Quenching Complex.How: For deep replenishment, distribute evenly and massage. Rinse after 10 minutes.


Bumble and Bumble Mending Masque

Mending Masque

  • For ultimate repair, this weekly masque restores strength, increases elasticity and detangles to leave hair marvelously manageable.
  • Who: The truly damaged (who regularly color, straighten or perm).When: Once a week, followed by Mending Complex.How: For intense repair, distribute evenly and massage. Rinse after 10 minutes.
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