Dallas hair extensions

Finding a Beauty Salon in Dallas is no easy feat, much less finding the best hair stylist in Dallas It seems there is a beauty salon around every corner, so finding the dallas beauty salon that suits your needs is important. Whether you are looking for dallas hair extensions, dallas hair color, or even just a hair cut, it is important to do your research.

First and foremost, check online to find the best beauty salon in Dallas. Use google, yelp, and ask your friends. The great thing about websites such as yelp, or google, is they offer personal reviews that the salon has no control over. You get honest reviews from people who have been to the salon.

There is all this buzz about Bigger Better Hair Salon in Dallas. We are known for our extensions, and color but what’s the real deal: Let me tell you.

Bigger Better Hair is an awesome place where you get more than just your hair done. You can hang out with some pretty awesome beautification experts, and have a glass of wine while we talk nonsense and have a great time. You can come in a foul mood, but you will leave all smiles. Never the opposite. It is a place where you can get your head massaged like never before.  We can tease your hair higher than you thought possible. We can whip hair back and forth better than Willow Smith. Our products work more than they cost. We get blondes blonder without the damage. Our salon is a one of a kind without the plastic cookie cutter image.

I am not only in this industry because it’s a job, I am passionate about making my clients look and feel great.  Bigger Better Hair Salon is conveniently located at Knox and 75.  Known for my color, and hair extensions I am here to open your eyes to things you never thought possible. Get the length and volume you have always wanted while sporting gorgeously colored locks.

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