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Balmain | The DoubleHair Clip-In Hair Extension System

Balmain | The DoubleHair Clip-In Hair Extension System

Doublehair human hair extensions in Dallas are one of my clients most favorite systems.  They come in a professionally applied version, as well as a clip-in system.  The clip-in system comes with 5 hair extension pieces that each have two clips to secure into your hair.  They are incredibly easy to apply, and they give a great addition of fullness on your ends.  Since there are 5 hair extension pieces, you can use two just to fill in your sides, or 5 if you want thickness and volume all around.

Each DoubleHair weft is a 3.75 in. wide hand-knotted strip of 16″ long human hair. (22″ length is also available) One DoubleHair panel has as much hair as 18 extensions and consists of 3 layers of hair. 

The quality of hair is superb, and is reflected in the warranty that Balmain gives with the purchase of their hair.  Balmain guarantees the hair quality will remain stellar for 6 months of continuous wear.  Having said that, since clip-in hair extensions are not to be worn on a daily basis, these are a set of clip-in hair extensions that will last for years.

Below is a picture of one doublehair clip-in weft.  The doublehair clip-in hair extension system comes in increments of 5.



1 Doublehair System (5 wefts) $350

2 Doublehair System (10 wefts) $700

Customization / Cut $75

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