Above video shows Brandon @ Bigger Better Hair Salon explaining Balayage Highlights


Balayage Highlights Dallas | What’s the Scoop?

Everyone knows foil highlights, and how they work.  Foil highlights are applied by sectioning the hair into even sections whereas balayage highlights are “painted” on exactly where you want highlights.  Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.  Instead of using foils and hair color all the way root-end, this is a much softer way of highlighting hair.  By sweeping the hair color, or highlights onto the hair you get a much more organic hair color that has soft transitions from one color to the next.

The end result can be either  bold pops of color, soft color melting into a lighter tone on the ends, or soft highlights.

Why would someone get Balayage Highlights?

If you are looking for a soft highlight, or sun-kissed natural highlight, balayage highlights are perfect.  Or if you are just wanting to add some targeted pieces of lightness around your face, or ends, balayage gives you a more customized color that leaves less of a “line” as your hair grows.  Balayage highlights tend to grow out softer since fewer strands are highlighted all the way to the roots.

How do you Say Balayage?

It may seem silly, but the word “Balayage” is often said incorrectly by professional hair colorists, so I think this video may be helpful to keep you from any akwardness should you decide to ask your colorist for Balayage Highlights.


Examples of Balayage Highlights

Photos from @Biggerbetterhair instagram, our official lookbook of before/after images of hair done at our Dallas Hair Color Salon.